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Inside the world of a brave conservationist

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22 August 2012

As rare as the tigers she helps monitor and conserve, Sabita Malla, WWF’s young female conservationist is a sight to see whether she’s working diligently at the jungles of Bardia, Chitwan, and Parsa or while she’s engaged in a conversation with the locals.

In just a short span of life, she has already managed a life full of achievements. Needless to say that the life of a 27 year old female who lives weeks on end in jungles is anything less than exciting.

During the tiger monitoring operation in Bardia, which happened this year from March to August, Sabita spent days camping in the jungles of Bardia. The total area the jungle covers is 968 km2, therefore, to make her life easier, Sabita had decided to divide the jungle into 4 blocks. This way, one block was handled at a time, which made things more precise and lessened the chances of missing out parts of the forest while monitoring tigers. “I cannot afford to miss even an inch of the jungle, each and every corner of the forest is very crucial in tiger monitoring,” said sabita.

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