Wild Wisdom Quiz | WWF

WWF Nepal introduces for the first time Wild Wisdom Quiz (WWQ) 2017 to aware and inform students about biodiversity and natural resources. This programme was launched by WWF-India in 2008. Now in its tenth edition, the Wild Wisdom Quiz has become Asia’s biggest and India’s only national level quiz on Wildlife.

The traditional method of teaching is prevalent in most schools in Nepal practicing educational quiz, a form of game used as a brief assessment to measure the growth in knowledge and also to foster learning as an interesting interaction between students.

WWF Nepal therefore, seeks to capitalize the potential of this program in its own context to reach out to its target audience.

WWF Nepal welcomes the participation of all schools in WWQ in an effort to sensitize and promote awareness of conservation education.

About the Program
WWQ will be conducted in Kathmandu this year targeting 100 schools from the Kathmandu Valley (Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur) only with focus on the Middle or “Madhyamik” (Class 6, 7, 8) level. This will further extend to senior (9-12 classes) and primary (3-5 classes) levels in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

1. To create a platform for students to enhance knowledge on nature, environment and wildlife.
2. To create a fun environment for students and teachers to learn and create awareness on biodiversity
3. To foster and champion a comprehensive understanding of the values of biological diversity amongst young minds.
4. To motivate students to be the agents of change and inspire others for the same.

WWQ will take place in two stages: Intra-School and Inter-School. The international final event will be held in New Delhi in October with the pioneer of Indian quizzing, Mr. Siddhartha Basu.

Intra-School Level
All registered schools will need to conduct an in-house quiz program with a questionnaire sent by the WWQ team. Names of the toppers will need to be submitted at tgg@wwfnepal.org and the respective team representing the school will proceed to the next level.
Inter-School Level
All participating schools will be allocated under respective divisions. Divisions are created to simplify the screening process and is not a reflection of position. Each division will contain only 10 schools. There will be 1 or 2 quiz rounds in each division depending on the number of the participating schools.  The schools will compete with each other and the 20 qualifying teams will proceed to the next rounds. The winning team will take part in the international finals in India.

Wild Wisdom Quiz 2017 Theme: MAZE OF THE NATURAL WORLD

For billions of years, life on earth has thrived on the bountiful resources present in the natural world, creating a delicate and intricate web of life; keeping the well-being of all species connected to each other.

From single celled organisms to the blue whale, every living thing plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Awe-inspiring and majestic, nature has intrigued and inspired explorers, researchers, scientists and travellers throughout the various stages of evolution. Mankind has immortalized natural beauty in art, literature, poetry and prose.

However, the earth’s climate is changing. It is growing warmer due to burning of fossil fuels, clearing of forests, killing of wild animals, unchecked industrialisation and our lifestyle. The delicate balance in nature has been greatly disturbed and urgently needs to be restored.

Humans evolved billion years ago from a common origin as a part of the same tree of life, but are we still connected to the other forms of life? Or have we taken more than our due share from nature, and damaged it beyond repair?

With the current trajectory of environmental challenges, it is necessary for all of us to know what is happening and bring to light answers that will help us decide and act now while we still have time. Wild Wisdom Quiz 2017 hence, explores and examines the theme: MAZE OF THE NATURAL WORLD.

Here are a few clues to get you thinking: 
• Newly discovered species 
• Unique and rare species 
• Extinction 
• News alerts regarding the natural world 
• Famous environmentalists 
• Biodiversity of Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia, and Middle East 
• Ecosystems 
• Environmental changes 
• Conservation status- IUCN red list

5 June- 3 July: NOTIFICATION - School notifies students/ parents about the Wild Wisdom Quiz.

15 June- 10 July: REGISTRATION - The teacher-in-charge registers the school.

19 June- 15 July: TEAM SELECTION - WWF Nepal sends out the questionnaires to schools prior the competitions. Two highest scoring participants from each school from the middle level are selected as a team.

29 July- 4 August: INTER-SCHOOL LEVEL (Preliminary) – Registered schools will participate in the qualifying round.

17 August- 28 August: INTER-SCHOOL LEVEL (Finals) - Top 20 teams will proceed to compete in the finals.

4 October: INTERNATIONAL LEVEL (Grand Finale): The Middle school winning team will represent Nepal in the International finale in Delhi.