The Terai Arc Landscape Project (TAL) - Partners

The Power of Cooperation

Combine the efforts of a few dozen organizations, a few government bodies, and thousands of local volunteers, and you can have success stories that none of these could even dream of if working alone.

 / ©: Sanjib Chaudhary / WWF-Nepal
Khata Community Forest Coordination Committee building.
© Sanjib Chaudhary / WWF-Nepal

The TAL is an umbrella of several partners:

WWF Nepal Program Office is the WWF body acting in planning and in the field. WWF-US, WWF-UK and WWF-Finland, WWF-Netherlands, and WWF-Germany assist with financial support.

Participation of local communities is a key to success

And then there is one more group, without whom everything would have been impossible. "There are 6.7 million people living in the Terai area", reminds Bhesh Raj Oli, Program Officer, Terai Arc Landscape, Nepal. "If you want to work for forests and wildlife, you have to work with people too, promoting better and sustainable livelihoods."

"In all the activities that are carried out in buffer zones, local communities and buffer zone user groups are the ones that implement the activities", explains Project Co-Manager Tilak Dhakal of WWF Nepal. "Inside protected areas, park staff - working for the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation - do the implementing. WWF is only a facilitator and monitor."