Hariyo Ban Program, E-newsletter, Issue 10, September 2014 | WWF

Hariyo Ban Program, E-newsletter, Issue 10, September 2014

Posted on 24 September 2014
Newsletter, September 2014
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The September issue of the Hariyo Ban Program newsletter has stories that showcase the changes brought about in the environment and in the lives of people and entire communities.

The Message from our Chief of Party, Judy Oglethorpe, sheds light on the exciting things happening in the program.

The newsletter features an event during Environment Week 2014 on Calling a Consensus for Action that drew attention to escalating climate change issues and provided a platform to discuss sustainable solutions. The article on Designing a Climate Adaptive World showcases a special competition held for youths in the same week.

One way to build resilience of communities and ecosystems to climate change is by cutting down on fuelwood use through support for improved cooking stoves. Improved Stoves, Forests and Lives talks of how this simple innovation helps an entire village switch to a better way of life and prepare for climate change.

Breaking Stereotypes: Building Successes tells how forest-dependent women and men are using support from Hariyo Ban Program to improve their livelihoods outside the forest. A Journey from Rita to Raangi Didi talks of a woman who started a business; Keyed to Conservation describes how a conservation enthusiast honed his computer skills and entered the world of technology.

Helping Communities Discover Their Power is a big thanks to all the community members who make our program come alive. It pays a tribute to the local resource person who are the major community mobilizers brining about transformations.

Huslangkot Finds Happiness describes how Hariyo Ban Program ended water woes for an entire village in Gorkha and helped them adapt better to the impacts of climate change.

For video lovers, we have two treats –The Last Yak Herder of Dhe, a journey to a village in Mustang that is grappling with the impacts of climate change, and She is the Change, which follows a wonderful woman in her efforts to conserve the environment, expand her livelihood options, build her skills and motivate many others in the process.

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Newsletter, September 2014
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