WWF Nepal Annual Review FY14

Our small contribution for the building of "Paperless World" because we care. The full version of our Annual Report for this Fiscal Year 2014 is available online.

The Ghost of The Mountains

"The Ghost of The Mountains" is a journey of WWF Nepal to put a satellite collar on a snow leopard. It gives introduction of trapping camera and snares installed and how they function in tough environment that snow leopards live inhabits. The Himalayan community of Nepal also gives an understanding of the interactions between humans and animals at their mutual territories.

Achieving Zero Poaching in Nepal

Nepal achieved 365 days of zero poaching in 2011 and 2013, thanks to a coordinated response to wildlife crime involving the government, enforcement agencies, conservation partners and local communities.

She Is The Change

This documentary titled 'She is the Change' is centered on an exemplary woman residing in Bandipur VDC, Tanahu, which is one of the working areas of Hariyo Ban Program, WWF Nepal. The video covers her involvement in conservation, her enterprises, her struggle in the past, challenges that she faced, and the changes she brought in her own and other's life. This sure-footed and inspiring woman stands strong in her community.

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