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The Abraham Conservation Awards was first established in 1995 by Ms. Nancy Abraham, an environmentalist who was struck by the dedication and passion for conservation displayed by a national park staff.

The Awards, was later reinstituted as WWF Nepal Conservation Awards in 2018, to recognize and honor individuals and organizations at the grassroots level that have made significant contributions to protect Nepal’s rich biodiversity. The awards cover a range of themes in conservation and natural resource management and aim to motivate and inspire frontline conservationists.

WWF Nepal is pleased to annouce the awardees for the WWF Nepal Conservation Awards 2020. This year we have two winners in the individual category and one in the organizational category.


Amaltari Community Homestay

Amaltari Community homestay has been working to curb pressing issues such as deforestation, poaching and illegal extraction of natural resources through the promotion of eco-tourism in the region. The homestay has successfully hosted more than 80,000 tourists till date and benefitted 122 households including the marginalized communities.

Mr. Hemant Raj Kaphle

Mr. Hemant Raj Kaphle is a conservationist at heart and has been actively engaged in promoting tree plantation across Nepal. He is the Nepal planting director of the organization 8 Billion Trees, an NGO dedicated to healing the planet and saving animals through reforestation projects that also remove and offset carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Through his work in Nepal, Hemant has led the 8 Billion Trees team with the planting of thousands of native tree species.

Mr. Karma Tarke Gurung
Chairperson, Zeborong Snow Leopard Conservation Committee

Mr. Karma Tarke Gurung is a dedicated conservationist and advocate for community-based conservation. His knowledge in snow leopard monitoring and contributions in capacitating Snow Leopard Conservation Committee members has been instrumental in advancing conservation efforts in the region.

Ms. Sanjeevani Yonzon Shrestha
Director, Wildlife Conservation Nepal

Ms. Sanjeevani Yonzon Shrestha has over 20 years of experience working in the field of conservation and conservation education. She has co-written more than twenty books on environment for children and teachers, and implemented several educational and advocacy programs on wildlife conservation, waste management, climate change and natural resource management.


All applications were reviewed extensively by a panel of esteemed judges, representing various sectors

  • Mr. Bhakta Bishwokarma, Acting Chair of the Dalit NGO Federation
  • Dr. Prahlad Thapa, Country Director of IUCN
  • Mr. Prakash Lamsal, Joint Secretary and Chief REDD, Ministry of Forest and Environment
  • Ms. Shrinkhala Khatiwada, Architect and Former Miss Nepal
  • Mr. Subhash Ghimire, Editor Republica