Green Hiker Tips

You can help keep the majestic Himalayas clean and pristine, even while hiking across its great ascents. Here are some great ideas.
Use water judiciously!
·         Do not litter lakes and rivers
·         Opt for a bucket bath over a shower
·         Make use of an earth toilet, not a flush toilet
Wood doesn’t grow on trees!
·         Avoid collecting and burning wood from the trees  or the ground
·         Encourage afforestation
Don’t make waste!
·         Avoid plastic bottled water, opt for a metal flask
·         Carry away everything that you bring in. Stuff it in your pockets or backpack and carry home
·         Stop bad practices where you see them
·         Plan disposal solutions carefully in advance
·         Leave a clean camp site every time you pack up
Respect flora and fauna
·         Never uproot plants
·         Do not feed animals
·         Do not venture too close to animals
·         Avoid flash photography, it disturbs them
·         Keep distance from nesting/breeding grounds
·         Camp only in designated camping ground away from the lakes
·         Opt for home stays. They are economical, provide livelihood to the local communities and help save resources
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© Copal Mathur / WWF-India
Green Hiker
© Copal Mathur / WWF-India
© Richard McLellan / WWF
A trekker pauses on the trail to Mount Everest near Namche Bazaar, Nepal.
© Richard McLellan / WWF