Green Lumbini Initiative

On 11 September 2011, WWF-Nepal and partner organization, Lumbini Development Trust, will be planting the final saplings of the targeted 108,000 trees for 2011 in the Sacred Garden of Lumbini.

WWF-Nepal joined hands with Lumbini Development Trust in September 2010 as part of WWF’s global efforts to work with faith groups to further the cause of nature conservation. This partnership is aimed at promoting responsible tourism and responsible environmental practices in the sacred site of Lumbini.

A key project under the partnership is the plantation of one million trees in Lumbini Master Plan and surrounding areas over a period of ten years. The project was kicked off on the occasion of WWF’s Earth Hour in March 2011 with the declaration of planting 108,000 trees within 2011. Over 100,000 trees have already been planted till date through the active participation of people from different walks of life including the private sector and community-based organisations. Trees which were considered to have existed in Lord Buddha’s era such as Ashoka, Sal and Pipal will be planted in an effort to conserve the original ambience of the site.