WWF Nepal and Save the Children International Nepal come together to empower youth and promote climate actions

Posted on 08 April 2022

WWF Nepal and Save the Children International Nepal have entered into a formal partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding on 8th April 2022. Through this partnership, WWF Nepal and SCI Nepal, seek to join in a strategic alliance to complement their expertise and amplify their voices, influencing agenda around children/youth, nature conservation and climate justice.

With the wellbeing of children, youth and nature placed at its core, this MOU intends to align SCI Nepal’s reach with child and youth activists and WWF Nepal’s advocacy for an equitable, nature-positive, net-zero world to advocate for nature conservation and climate justice. Climate change impacts are becoming evident across the world in forms of extreme weather events such as floods, droughts, cold waves, and landslides - impacting lives and livelihoods, displacing local communities and aggravating child poverty. This partnership will work towards addressing such complex issues of climate change by promoting meaningful youth participation and leadership.  

Under this agreement, WWF Nepal and SCI Nepal will promote innovative approaches such as the SHIFT model to empower youth to lead advocacy and campaigning and build thought leadership at the intersection of children, communities, environment, and conservation. Promotion of community-based adaptations, nature-based solutions led by children and youth, enhancement of environmental and climate education and local eco system management for child nutrition are some of the other prioritized areas of collaboration.

Dr. Ghana S. Gurung, Country Representative of WWF Nepal stated “Children and youth are the present as well as the future. They hold the power to shape the future of our planet Earth. It is more important now than ever to educate and empower youth so that they are better able to deal with the impacts of climate change and can become more responsible and capable to advance development efforts in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Through this partnership, we aim to enhance our understanding on the needs of children and youths and harness their potential to deliver transformational impact at scale as well as provide support in integrating social and environmental issues.”

Ms. Heather Campbell, Country Director, SCI Nepal highlighted, “Young people are already leading actions on climate issues. They are campaigning for change, demonstrating the possibility of a more sustainable future and of a greener Nepal but youth activists lack financial resources, skill, tools, and network that they need to realize the change at the level that we need to see. Through this new and unique partnership, we hope to rectify that and by working together we are hoping that we will have a proven intervention that can make real differences to Nepal, and to the youth and children.”

Youth climate champions had also joined the signing event. Speaking at the event, climate activist Umesh Balal Magar said, “With this partnership, a combo has been formed. Save the Children is doing great work for the wellbeing of children while WWF Nepal is doing great work on protection of nature for all living beings. And the youth campaigners are here to join hands as well. Together we can make a big difference." 
MOU signing SCI and Nepal
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MOU signing
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