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WWF Nepal is developing a new Consultant Roster. Interested individuals and organizations having expertise in the following areas are encouraged to register applications.


Areas of Expertise

1 Biodiversity Assessment and Monitoring
2 Biodiversity Governance
3 Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation
4 Editing, Creative Writing and Content Creation
5 Environment and Social Safeguard
6 Environment Education
7 Environment Friendly Infrastructure Design and Landscape Planning
8 Environmental Crime Control
9 Event Management
10 Financial Management Support Services and Financial Monitoring
11 Forest Resource Research and Management
12 GESI Assessment and Capacity Building
13 Graphic Designs, Layout, Illustrations
14 Human Resources and Organization Development
15 Human Wildlife Conflict Management
16 Monitoring, Evaluation and Knowledge Management
17 Nature based Livelihood
18 Photography and Videography Production
19 Project Development
20 Software Development
21 Species Conservation and Protected Area Management
22 Technology for Biodiversity and Climate Change
23 Water Resources, Freshwater Ecosystem and Watershed Management
The new Roster shall replace all the previous enlistments. Interested individuals /organizations shortlisted earlier are required to re-apply. The deadline for enlistment is 8th February 2023, Wednesday.

WWF reserves the right to accept or reject in part or whole any application without assigning any reason whatsoever and is not obligated to accept the application. Only shortlisted individuals/organizations will be notified via email. Telephone calls will not be entertained.

Register for the consultant roster