Kathmandu comes together for Earth Hour 2023

Posted on March, 25 2023

This year, WWF Nepal celebrated Earth Hour with the biggest sustainable lifestyle event, The Sustainable Fair!
Kathmandu, Nepal – The Earth Hour celebration in Nepal this year saw over three thousand individuals come together to celebrate the spirit of sustainability at the Sustainability Fair 2023. The event showcased some of Nepal’s leading environmentally responsible businesses providing alternative lifestyle options for the benefit of ourselves and future generations, while also featuring performances by local artists.

Visitors at the event had the opportunity to engage first hand with local social enterprises and discover the world of alternative lifestyle choices such as Rekriti which upcycles used demin to create bags and accessories, Towerganics which sells plantation towers allowing people in small urban spaces to grow plants and food,  Eco Saathi Nepal which sells biodegradable alternatives to everyday products such as toothbrushes and many more businesses selling upcycled and sustainable clothes, jewellery, food and stationary.

The fair also hosted a ‘Knowledge Corner’ with trivia games and ‘sustainability hunt’ where visitors learned about the planet, climate and energy. The corner also had a crafts center where people could paint their own tote bags and also learn about sustainable fashion and impact of fast fashion on the planet. The knowledge corner was run by Sustainable Solutions Nepal, Wine to Water Nepal, and Hult Prize KCM.

While engaging in the arts, music, shopping and games, the visitors enjoyed food from businesses such as Sara Bakes Vegan which sells all vegan desserts and the Village Café Nepal, a social enterprise supporting women among others.

“Our generation does not own this planet, we are borrowing it from the children of today. Let’s take good care of it so that when the next generation inherits it, they can be proud” said Dr. Ghana S. Gurung, Country Representative of WWF Nepal. “Youth are the present and children are the future”

“As the consumer, it is up to me and people like me to make a difference. I have learned so much about sustainable businesses and alternatives through this fair, now the power is in the choices I make as the consumer to support these practices” said Mr. Anil Keshary Shah, Youth Advisor of WWF Nepal.

The plastic free fair proved that fun and sustainable practices can go hand in hand- it is all about the choices individuals and organizations make. It is vital for people to reconnect with the planet and appreciate the importance of nature. Insignificant as it may seem, even simple acts like replacing plastic bags with cloth bags or decomposable bags, avoiding single use plastic, or even printing on both sides of a paper can contribute significantly towards a sustainable planet.

Individuals, businesses and cities in 188 countries and territories worldwide joined Earth Hour to speak up for nature and inspire urgent action for the environment. Through the global appeal of the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment, #EarthHour, #biggesthourforearth and related hashtags across the globe. Millions of people have spoken, urging world leaders to prioritize the protection of the planet and reversal of loss of nature.
WWF Nepal Earth Hour Sustainability Fair
© WWF Nepal/ Krishna Bhattarai
Sustainablity Fair 2023
Sustainablity Fair 2023
© WWF Nepal/ Gayatri Pradhan