Tiger Timeline 1950-2022

Posted on April, 14 2023

6 tiger species out of 9 subspecies remaining. 97% decline since 1900 to as low as 3200. This is what we have lost being the only predator for this iconic animal who shape the entire ecosystem.
The tiger timeline depicts the series of events that occurred in Nepal and around the world to save tigers starting from the year 1950. As for Nepal, WWF started its journey towards conservation of this majestic creature in 1973 with the establishment of the first National Park of Nepal - Chitwan National Park.
In 2010, the Government of Nepal along with 12 other range countries comitted to doubling our tiger population by 2022 and achieve TX2! In 12 years from 2010-2022, Nepal's tiger poulation went fron 121 to 355, nearly tripled it's tiger population size.

Tiger Timeline 1950-2022
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